Starting in early 2009, a dedicated team of Mitchell College alumni, students, faculty and staff began working on making Radio Mitchell a reality. Coordinated by Dr. Richard Lucas, Chair of the communication Department, the Radio Mitchell team worked in unison with the Administration to build an internet radio station that the entire Mitchell College community can be proud of.

  • Phase I: Funding
    Two Mitchell College parents provided the funding necessary to start the school’s Radio
    Mitchell efforts. They were the Walter Rogachenko and Michael Grilli families. With their
    funds and some matching support from the Administration, Dr. Lucas was able to initiate
    the design, selection and purchase of equipment necessary for building the station and for
    training Mitchell students in the Department’s radio production classes.

  • Phase II: Support
    Dr. Lucas received support and assistance from several Mitchell College faculty. Fulltime
    faculty members Karen Ward and Andy McHugh, and adjunct faculty members Tom
    Peterson and George Dowker were instrumental in moving the radio project forward.
    Countless numbers of hours were spent in designing and building both temporary and
    permanent locations for the station and audio production training facilities.

    The home of Radio Mitchell is on the second floor of Michael’s Dairy and the training/
    classroom facility is on the third floor of the Bond House. Caruso’s Music of New London
    (Richard Caruso in particular) worked and donated many hours to ensure that these
    locations worked effectively and would meet the station’s current and future needs.

  • Phase III: Dedication, Enthusiasm and Hard Work
    As with all projects, there are specific individuals who make a difference with their hard
    work and enthusiasm. Four Mitchell College students deserve recognition for their
    steadfastness and dedication. The first three are:

    • Walter Rogachenko Jr. (Mitchell 2010), provided unending enthusiasm and helped
      to establish the station’s initial operating guidelines.

    • Dan Erhart and Justin Hammett (Mitchell 2011) worked on the initial design, testing
      and construction of the training stations and broadcast equipment. They also
      assisted by orienting/coaching other students in the use of the equipment.

    • The fourth student, who joined Mitchell as a freshman in Fall 2010, is John
      McGowan (Mitchell 2014). John deserves special recognition for the knowledge
      and creativity that he brought to the project. His background in radio and audio
      production and his intense focus and energy acted as catalysts that drove the project
      to completion. John revitalized the Radio Mitchell Club on campus and coaches
      many students in radio techniques and programming.

    • The fifth student to come on board the team as a junior was Josh Mattei (Mitchell 2012).
      Josh was named the station's first Program Coordinator by Richard Lucas. Josh came
      to Radio Mitchell with four years of television experience where he worked with his
      local public access channel covering sporting events. Josh was able to take his
      experience and transition his skills to radio, growing the station's structured
      programming as well as developing a sports department within the station. Josh works
      alongside John to run the everyday operations of the station, and also works one-on-one
      with his fellow students to help develop show concepts and improve technical and
      on-air skills.

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